The mission of Nobscot Neighbors is to promote, preserve, and advocate for Nobscot, a village within Framingham, Massachusetts, and improve its quality of life for residents, businesses, institutions, and visitors.

Welcome to Nobscot ...

...In the heart of northwest Framingham. The center of the community is Nobscot village, the area's commercial district at the intersection of Edgell Road and Water Street/Edmands Road. But Nobscot is so much more. From the serene farms to the west of the village to the imposing height of Nobscot Hill to the north, and the verdant pathways of the renowned Garden in The Woods to the east, Nobscot is a place of natural beauty as well as the home of numerous residents, businesses, and other institutions. Take a look around our web site and see everything Nobscot has to offer!

Nobscot Neighbors is a group of people, since our founding in 2008, united in our common interest in improving and promoting the Nobscot area of Framingham. We are residents, property owners, parents, business owners, and elected officials. In short, we are your Nobscot Neighbors! 

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Nobscot is part of the town of Framingham's Villages project. This is a planning and market analysis study focused on a strategic economic development plan for the village commercial center. The strategic economic development plan is focused on identifying actions that will lead to investment in both Nobscot and its neighboring North Framingham village of Saxonville. The study focuses on an area approximately one quarter mile from the main intersection of both village commercial centers.

History Features

The farms of Nobscot give us a present-day link to the town's centuries-old agricultural traditions.

The Eaton family homesteads provide a glimpse of the architecture of early 19th century Nobscot.

What is that tiny building between the Hemenway school and Heritage at Framingham on Water Street? Read about the history of the Nobscot Post Office/Library/Train Station.

Read about how Nobscot became the home of the first fox hunting club in New England, and the third in the United States, the Millwood Hunt Club.

Learn about the Nobscot Spring bottled spring water company, which tapped its product at the base of Nobscot Hill.

Help Us Showcase Nobscot's Historic Houses and Other Sites

Do you live in, or have information about, a historic Nobscot house or other notable site? Send photos and a description to! We hope to greatly expand our History page with information about Nobscot's notable homes and other historic sites.